03 october


Civil society representatives came to the defense of Moldovan Orthodox Church and it’s Head – Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova. At the Monday press conference, they stated that “the image of Moldovan Orthodox Church is being deliberately denigrated by publication of materials about property and personal life of the Metropolitan Vladimir”.

Former Ambassador of Moldova to China, Professor Victor Borsevici called journalists “not to be influenced by those ordering such materials, which are defaming the Church”.

“We know that these materials are ordered by some of the politicians. Do not try to denigrate the Church. It is the last shelter for those, who lose hope, and if the press will continue this campaign, people will lose confidence in this institution as well”, said the former diplomat.

Underlining the fact that according to the majority of public opinion polls, the Church is the most trusted by Moldovan citizens, he claimed that “politicians decided to denigrate this institution in order to freely promote their interests”.

“I, personally, am an atheist, I do not go to church, I just do not need it. At the same time, for many people Church remains the last bastion of morality, it should be protected from these attacks”, said Borshevici.

Lawyer Dmitry Kiseyev assessed at 1 million lei the moral damage, caused by materials, which defame the Metropolitan. According to him, “journalists should draw conclusions by themselves”, while His Eminence Vladimir will plead with journalists.

Over the last few weeks, a lot of materials and photos appeared in press about Metropolitan Vladimir’s property, his vacation abroad with a certain blonde Nelli Tcaciuc, on whose name a part of Metropolitan Vladimir’s real estate is allegedly registered.